Thanks friends!

Over the past few days I’ve noticed the listener count is way up. I don’t know if you’ve been sharing KROB with your friends or people have just been finding KROB organically, but I’ll take it!

There’s always new music being added to the library and you may have noticed I’ve been messing about with a new category of songs called “forgotten 45s”. These are the songs you heard on the radio in the 70s and 80s… Then haven’t heard since. Where did they go? Well, commercial radio researches the hell out of everything and tries to make the programming safe and vanilla as to please the largest number of people. KROB doesn’t have to follow any conventional radio rules, so I play all kinds of hits. Even the ones that were “on and gone”. Like “Soul City” from The Partland Brothers or “Breaking Away” from Balance.

Enjoy the music… And thanks for spending more of your time with us!

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One response to “Thanks friends!

  1. Jim Corley

    Love Listening while I’m working…. You got any BadFinger No Matter What

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