Commercials? What?

I recently got a few emails and Facebook questions asking why KROB is playing commercials. “I thought Internet radio was free?”

Well it is, for you.

Internet broadcasters are held to a separate very strict set of standards for music royalty payments. Unlike commercial FM broadcasters who pay a set fee based on the amount of revenue that they generate, Internet broadcasters pay licensing fees based on “total listening hours”. That’s a number based on the aggregate number of listeners times the minutes that they spend listening. So, the more listeners we have, the more we have to pay. And not paying licensing fees is not an option. In a nutshell, the more successful you are in attracting listeners to your station, the more you pay. And now that KROB has been listed on iTunes and in the Windows Media Directory, we’ve become successful. At any given time there are several hundred listeners plugged in. And that gets expensive.

The commercials you hear on KROB are not paying me a salary, or even covering all of the expense … They simply help to defray a portion of the licensing fees.

I would love to run KROB commercial free, but unfortunately the economics of iCasting prevent that. I will promise to keep the commercial load very low and limited to just a few minutes per hour, far less than the 12, 14 or 16 minutes of commercials you’ll hear every hour on any commercial broadcast station.

Please, support our advertisers. They’ve taken a chance by advertising on Internet radio, a new media source for many old school advertisers.

If you have any questions, please drop me a note. The operation is pretty transparent. And if you’d like to advertise on KROB, I’d like to hear from you as well


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2 responses to “Commercials? What?

  1. Bruce Owen

    Rob, I was a part of WZZQ in Jackson Mississippi Free form radio or progressive radio. Album rock. Hippie rock FM….do you know of any internet stations with the quality of KROB that features this kind of programming.
    bruce owen

    • I don’t know of one off hand, but I’m sure if you look, you’ll find a perfect station for you. There’s 10,000 Internet stations out there. Now, finding one that meets the KROB quality standard, well, that’s another challenge all together. 🙂

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